Here is my survey that I have created for this project. I want to know what CCAA baseball team had the most players selected in the 2013 MLB draft?  The answer to this question typically means that the team with the most players drafted often has the best recruit class come in for the following season. 

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Being a baseball rat like myself I have always been interested in statistical analysis. As a baseball coach and a former player I know that stats mean a lot in the game of baseball. As players all they have sometimes to define themselves are their numbers. Statistics really don't mean much for the youngsters and I would not recommend making them a priority for them, however as athletes get older stats are very important. Being a college coach I look at a lot of stats of high school and college players to see what they have done and against who.  Sometimes stats do not tell the whole story but they sure do paint a good picture of what an athlete has got. 
During my statistical analysis exploration I found some really cool baseball statistics websites. One of the websites that I would like to share has to do with building a webpage with statistics for your own baseball team. For example if you are a high school coach and want to make your teams stats available online for your players as well as college coaches to view then here is a cite that might be useful
It is so important for high school baseball players to have their batting stats or pitching stats readily available online for scouts to view. 
There is no doubt in my mind when it comes to getting a job a lot of it has to do with people you know. Obviously your own knowledge and skill is most important but knowing the right person can only help. I have only been involved in the coaching world for a little over a year now but I have made many connections. Just as was the case when I was a player, other coaches have taken me under their wing and provided me with opportunities I would not of had if it weren't for them. For me the most important thing I can do as a new face in the world of college baseball coaches is meet as many people as I can and make an impression that demonstrates who and what I am all about. Since entering into the coaching world I have reached out to just about every baseball connection I have ever had, high school coaches, college summer coaches etc. Even since being involved in this class I have met people whom I could potentially work with one day and that fires me up. Another helpful way of meeting people in my profession is doing camps. I worked a scout camp last winter and met a bunch of college coaches both young and old. At that camp I met an assistant coach at Hartnell Junior College In Monterey who told me about this program at FPU and here I am getting my masters. This world works in misterious w Like I said I don't care if its the professional coaching world or finding a job as a burger flipper, its not necessarily about what you know but who you know. Some people might cringe with disgust when reading this comment but its true and it is how this world works. 
What a concept. For a long time I have used wikipedia for information both educational and personal. Having the ability to communicate with a group using one document is pretty cool. I am a big camper/fisherman and I try to go on as many trips as I can each year ( I always go on two big ones, one in the early summer and one in the late fall). When I go on these trips my friends and I are constantly asking each other what to bring and whose bringing what. I definitely think that with the use of this technology I will have the most dialed in camping trips ever. 
I could also see the use of wiki in a professional sense for other coaches and myself. For example when we go on the road for games there are many checklist we have to cover before we leave. Whose got equipment? Who has made the food arrangements? Hotels, etc. This whole notion of effectively communicating through the use of wiki is pretty dialed in and I will use this for professional and personal situations. 
Obviously Linkedin is tailored toward your profession career. Your Facebook profile might expose parts of someones life that are not peoples business at work unless you choose to make them apart of it. Facebook is good for keeping up with friends and family whereas linkedin showcases a professional profile of you and your professional attributes that potential employers might see. The seperation of your professional life and personal life is important for peoples privacy and that is why I am an advocate for sites like linkedin. The linkedin site is much more direct with its infomation in the sense that it is all about professional credentials and skills whereas facebook is really a colla
What I mean by my title is there are so many social media outlets and even more apps that I can hardly wrap my head around them, that is why I am going to only speak about one. The garage band app we used for creating a podcast was a great learning experience for myself. Just as others in our class have used podcast for either their team or class I feel this app is very valuable. I hope to one day have my own baseball program and having the ability to create a podcast for my kids can be much more informative and direct than a text message. A podcast might be more practical in a sense than making 24 phone calls takes which can take a long time.
There is no doubt that I could spend hour upon hour researching this app or that app, but spending that kind of time plugged into a device just doesn't seem practical for my current or future situation. Information is all relative in accordance to your profession. If you are an elementary school teacher then the best way to find and share valuable app information might be at a convention or at teacher meetings. Relative information to what it is you do can be shared by communicating with your peers. I would have never learned about twitter or scoop it if it were not for my exposure to that stuff as a direct result of this class. Apps are wonderful and there are many great ones out there I just don't choose to seek out every single one that may or may not be of use to me. I am old fashion in this sense and I want to keep it that way. At the heart of my intentions as a coach are the development and progression of not only solid baseball players but productive members of society and I feel I can accomplish that primarily with my own gift of coaching and not what app I can use for this particular situation.
Interesting to see Twitter at the top of the list as far as learning tools used in 2012. I guess I haven't dove into twitter enough to really find out how much information is available through that social media outlet. 
As far as my own exploration of the top 100 tools used in 2012 I didn't want to venture to far in fear that I would get overwhelmed by all the options so I decided to check out a little further. This is a site I can definitely see myself using just for the plain fact I can filter what news I do and do not want to see on a daily basis. The evening news at 5pm has all kinds of interesting and useful news but also has a lot of material that I could honestly go without. Having the ability to filter the news I come in contact with is pretty exciting. For instance I just learned about Bob Costas potential of becoming the next commissioner for major league baseball. That is pretty big news as far as the baseball world goes and I wa
Derek Jeter anyone???
This guy is one of my all time favorite baseball players, a true role model for the game and an outstanding player. Just to sit back and watch 3 minutes of Jeter's all time highlights its pretty cool. He has such grace and control while he plays but is also  aggressive and plays hard. 
So far our Kin 710 class has incorporated a number of social media and technology outlets. I personally don't regularly use many of the social media plugs or utilize all this new technology to their fullest potential but I was intrigued with the creating your own podcast project. What a useful tool for communicating to students, fans, players, family etc. The most relieving part of the whole podcasting journey was the easy navigation and use of the garage band application. Such a cool program and I felt very able when it came to implementing audio and voice recordings into one. 

For personal reasons I can definitely see myself using podcast as part of my daily announcements for my players and staff. Emails are very useful when it comes to communication but having the ability to express emotion into your presentation as well as implement music makes it a whole other level of communication. I feel that communicating through a podcast is closer to face to face interaction as opposed to email or text. 

The way I see things is its all about communicating with someone using the most direct line of communication. The ability to speak with someone directly face to face is in my opinion hands down the most efficient form of communication. Obviously direct face to face conversation is not always possible so then a phone call usually can get the point across in a direct and relatively easy manner. As soon as you take the voice element out of a conversation I feel the message can more easily be misdirected or not be as precise; most of this "misdirection" comes from word choice or the way your format your sentences. When communicating with someone or a group using text (either text message, email twitter, Facebook, whatever) it is difficult to express true emotion. I feel text form of communication is not as efficient as voice or audio communications are. That is why I think podcasting changes the game as far as alternatives to face t 
For most people that know me they already have realized I am not a technology wizard. My skills in the realm of social media and technology are definetely below the norm I would say. But in my own defense I am making strides in the right direction especially with the help of my Kin 710 class "Technology in Kineisiology". With the help of this class I am being exposed to exciting new ways to teach and communicate in our education system with the use of podcast and iPods. 

As far as podcast go I have never experienced one or for that matter ever really thought in depth about podcast. I am facinated by the current and potential use of podcast and ipods in the education system. The idea behind podcasting is legitemate and has proven to be an effective tool by the universities that have already implemented the use of them. The use of podcast for an online program like our own, allows the student to hear and process a teachers instruction through auditory processes but also will allow for visual recognition. 

There are many different types of learners in this world, whether you are an auditory, visual, kinesthetic etc. The use of podcast in online programs cover a broad spectrum of an individual students learning needs. Not to mention the ability to watch a lecture or presentation multiple times rather than just taking notes during the original lecture (like most lectures).

For most social media tools like facebook and twitter I am not a huge proponate of them. I understand the sharing of information in real time and the benefits that are brought on by these social media plugs but I don't think they are centered around a students educational needs. On the other hand podcast and the use of ipods in the classroom can be tailored to the student and their learning experience. The ability to use your ipod for listening to lectures and podcast or even having the ability to record your own speeches or thoughts is tangible for the current population of students. Every teenager has their ipod or iphone on them at all times, what better tool to use for educational purposes. 

Social media still has not caught my full attention but the use of podcast and ipods in the education system has. Before this week of class I did not know anything about podcast or even the full extent of the uses of an iPod. This will be a topic I explore more and will probably use in my own